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Huawei AP5030DN Wireless Access Point Gigabit Dual-Band 802.11ac Access Points

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Huawei AP5030DN Wireless Access Point Gigabit Dual-frequency Built-in antenna 802.11ac Access Points
AP5030DN Access Point
Huawei AP5030DN is enhanced 802.11ac Access Points (APs) delivering high capacity, secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access services for high-density user environments such as offices, airports, train stations and stadiums.
the AP5030DN operate in Fat or Fit mode and offer 3 x 3 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), with three spatial streams. With wireless data rates of up to 1.75 Gbit/s, these APs support lightning-fast downloading and uploading, providing users with a quality video streaming experience. Multiple authentication and encryption modes work alongside advanced user access controls to secure the network.
* Fast, reliable wireless access: 1.75 Gbit/s, 3 x 3 MIMO, and link aggregation for maximum throughput; Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) and priority mapping on the air interface and wired interface; support for legacy 802.11a/b/g/n equipment.
* Multiple authentication and encryption modes: Rogue AP detection, Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS), and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS); unified intelligent user access and mobility management are supported when coupled with an Access Controller (AC) or Network Management System (NMS). * Integrated antennas: Providing omnidirectional, comprehensive coverage. * Easy deployment: Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply in compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at simplifies AP installation and supports Plug-and-Play (PnP) in Fit AP mode.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
220 mm x 220 mm x 53 mm
Power Input
12V DC ±10%
PoE: –48V DC (in compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at)
Maximum Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
–10°C to 50°C
Antenna Type/Antenna Gain
Built-in antenna/2.4 GHz: 4 dBi, 5 GHz: 5 dBi
Maximum Number of Users
≤ 256
Maximum Transmit Power
25 dBm (combined power)
MIMO: Spatial Streams
3 x 3:3
Radio Protocol
Maximum Speed
1.75 Gbit/s

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