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New Huawei S7712 S7700 Series Gigabit Enterprise Routing POE Network Switch

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Huawei S7712 S7700 Series Gigabit  Enterprise Routing POE Network Switch

The S7700 series switches (S7700 for short) are high-end smart routing switches designed for next-generation enterprise networks. The S7700 design is based on Huawei’s intelligent multi-layer switching technology to provide intelligent service optimization methods, such as MPLS VPN, traffic analysis, comprehensive HQoS policies, controllable multicast, load balancing, and security, in addition to high-performance Layer 2 to Layer 4 switching services. The S7700 also features super scalability and reliability.

The S7700 can function either as an aggregation or core node on a campus network or in a data center to provide integrated wireless access. The S7700 also offers voice, video, and data services, helping enterprises build an integrated cost-effective end-to-end network.

An S7700 running the V2R5C00 or later system software can be upgraded to an Agile Switch by using an agile card, which is equipped with Huawei's first Ethernet Network Processor (ENP). Customers can enjoy the benefits brought by the Agile Switch.

Item S7703 S7706 S7712
Switching Capacity 1.92 Tbit/s 3.84 Tbit/s 4.8 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 1,440 Mpps 2,880 Mpps 2,880 Mpps
Service Slots 3 6 12
Dimensions (W x D x H) 442 mm x 489 mm x 175 mm 442 mm x 489 mm x 442 mm 442 mm x 489 mm x 664 mm
Chassis Weight (empty) 10 kg 15 kg 37 kg
Maximum PoE Power 2,200W 8,800W 8,800W

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